$150 / 6+ sessions

This package is completely focused on you and your dog's success in a flexible group class setting. It is different because, our classes will allow you to start off quickly, choose your dates and times, and allows clients to take up to 3 classes per week! The 6 means you can attend 6 lessons over the course of 4 months; the fast plus means if you complete all 6 lessons in 2 weeks, you will receive 3 more lessons for free!* All together, you can attend up to 9 classes for the price of 6!

*3 free lessons do not need to be completed during the 3 week.

This class is great for any dog to take regardless of training background or age, just enroll in the class dates where the class matches your schedule and what you would like to work on! 

Already know some of the skills? Fear not! There are 4 levels to each skill set, meaning each session we will show you how to pick up where you left off enabling you to enjoy the learning process! Once you complete this course you can move onto the Advanced 6 Plus program!

The 6 Plus Program includes the following:

  • Orientation (mandatory)

  • Attention and Focus

  • Teamwork

  • Communicating With Your Dog

  • Teaching Self-Control

  • Public Appearances


Location: NEW Training Center, LLC 

505 W 3rd St, Kimberly, WI

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