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Ever wonder what to do with your new (or old) family member? Learn about basics with this 4 week course on crate training, problem solving, body handling, and the foundation skills teaching you how to build your relationship with your pet. This course is great for everyone to take from the fresh puppy who just arrived to the family pet who has already taken a few classes but still hasn't quite mastered that tricky skill. 

The Foundation

(Let's Get Started!)   $275

Training outside can be hard, so let's learn about control with this 6 week course. The Great Outdoors serves as an intermediate skills course. Learn new cues, teach your dog self control and add in distractions so your pet will respond faster and you can enjoy walks again.

Great Outdoors    $390

Let's build on the foundation with this 6 week in home beginner's course. Cuing behaviors, loose leash walking, stays, polite greeting and reliable recalls are all included.

Basic Manners    $390

Time to put your hard work to the test, are you ready for a training challenge? This 6 week course involves giving cues from a distance, new distractions, proofing behaviors and real life situations as we test for fluency.

Life Skills           $390